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Perspectives on China´s Role in global Affairs in the 21st Century

Since the end of the 20th Century, due to its great size, power and evermore growing

omnipresence in global affairs, China´s integration into and subsequent role in the

international system has been a major focal point. Whereas pre-21st Century debates on

China revolved around a containment-engagement duel, during the first decades of the

21st Century, China has already positioned itself as the world´s economic number one

and it is forecasted that during the present century it will create a whole new world


President XI Jinping´s China Dream, aims to transform the country through a widespread

reform program. China´s long-term commitment to structural change has the

main economic objective to transition its economy from an investment and export-led

economy to a consumption-led economy. The secrets behind China´s economic success

are here revealed, as well as the unique qualities and individual traits of its economic


China´s international economic rise, presence and expansion, is also projecting very

different, varied and diverse images and perspectives vis-a-vis the world. Its quick

ascendance is causing not only economic, but other political, social, cultural and ethnic

effects as well, both in the West and in the East. Those effects will consequently and

without a doubt, affect, alter and have very serious implications and repercussions for

the overall 21st Century world order equilibrium.

Key words: 21st Century world order, global affairs, international economic system,

integration processes, Latin America, Africa, Asia, China, Chinese economic model,

world economic number one, global cultural and ethnic balance of power, equilibrium.

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  • Autor: Alfonso Zurita Borbón
  • Año de Publicación: 2015
  • Editorial: Difusión Jurídica
  • ISBN: 978-84-92656-42-4
  • Cintillo: 103
  • Referencia: 6879464444

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